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OrthoFoam SRE – Optimal Recovery

Indicated following foot and ankle surgical cases for application in theatre or recovery or even preoperatively for trauma cases to help reduce swelling. Ergonomically designed for stability and comfort. A home use version of the SRE allows patients’ seamless recovery after leaving hospital to the comfort of their home.

Product Code: OL.OF.SRE

OrthoFoam Foot Holder – Stable Positioning

Indicated for use in surgery for foot and ankle procedures, from trauma to total ankle replacements. This sturdy device removes the need to use upside down kidney dishes or improvised elevators, ensuring the heel is free and because of the carefully shaped cut out allows the surgeon to place the foot in a stable position for a variety of foot & ankle procedures..

Product Code: OL.OF.FH

OrthoFoam Adult Ramp Elevator

Indicated for all surgical cases where elevation is necessary without offloading the heel. Frequently used in trauma cases to provide elevation and limb fixation and may be able to aid anatomy visualisation through means of x-ray.

Product Code: OL.OF.ARE

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"Reducing postoperative swelling enhances wound healing and soft tissue recovery"

Mr Lloyd Williams FRCS
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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